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Thailand "The land of smiles"  truly is a unique place. No where else can a traveler experience such a diverse feast of cultural pleasures and still enjoy the  familiar  luxuries of their own native lands. 
Metropolitan cities such as Bangkok offer everything  for all aspects of  life whether it be overlooking the Chao Praya river from the world class Oriental Hotel having "high tea" to marveling at any one of the ancient  temples in and around the city 

Away from  the cities the rural landscape  transitions from grasslands and tropics to  mountains in the North. Preserved  in the mountains are hilltribes still  going about their way of life as they have for hundreds of years yet unchanged.  The South encompasses  the Gulf of Thailand and has many secluded  beaches that stretch out as far as Malaysia. .

Below a farmer toils in the midday sun on the outskirts of the city

Sights in and around Bangkok

World famous for its nightlife
Bangkok's Chinatown Sukumvit rush hour

Temple just out  of the city

Royal palace



Kings birthday

Chayo Praya River cuts through the west side of the city

Floating market 2 hours from the city

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