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Indiana Freuler was recently seen in Burma "The land of fear"
(Just in ... Adventures in Cambodia)

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-Beat saves Tai Pie village-

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Beat's long journey starts out across treacherous mountain roads 

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So remote is this location there is only one way to travel unless by stealthy sandal

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He must rescue the villagers from an evil curse. After days of travel he finally reaches the hidden valley 

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The village is deep in the mountains cut off from civilization

dig.jpg (62536 bytes)

After discovering the location they begin excavating the mystical Ark of the Covenant

vault.jpg (15852 bytes)

Beat quickly rushes in and grabs the Ark

The mystical power of the  Ark banishes the evil spirits

After the ceremony  Beat assures the  townspeople that they are now out of danger 

spy.jpg (51790 bytes)

Life returns to normal in Tai Pie

frat.jpg (35060 bytes)

Beat the hero inherits another small treasure

spies.jpg (62802 bytes)

Once again the villagers can return to their familiar way of life, Indiana Freuler has saved the day







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