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Indiana Freuler was recently seen in Burma "The land of fear"
(Just in ... Adventures in Cambodia)

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The island of Irian Jaya is one of the world's last great frontiers. From the sago swamp lowlands to the towering glacial mountains of the highlands, Irian stands as a monument to the beauty of the natural world. With vast tracks of rainforest and myriad species from the animal and plant kingdoms she remains a treasure incalculable. There are many reasons people visit Irian. Some come just to enjoy the raw beauty. Others come to wonder at the tribal peoples while others come to study or help the people and the land.

Beat meets IRIAN JAYA

Village Feast

Dani Tribesmen

Last great undiscovered civilization. Where only rocks and a few birds were thought to exist, some 50,000 Stone Age Dani tribesmen flourished.

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        Tribal warriors


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